Entry #152


2017-12-07 13:55:24 by ebflover777

Christmas is coming and I feel like a selfish brat for telling my dad and oldest sister that a PS4 would be a waste of money and they should've gotten a WiiU instead.


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2017-12-07 18:02:32

Why Wii U? What are you aiming to play on it?

ebflover777 responds:

I simply want it because it would let me transfer my data from my Wii(which can't play disks anymore, broke my heart broke when I found out early on in this year, I miss those games a lot, so it would help if I got a WiiU.


2017-12-08 06:56:21

Huh. Personally, I'd rather have a Switch since that's the current generation Nintendo console. But I would never turn down a shiny new PS4.

ebflover777 responds:

The thing is that I only want like 2 games and a WiiU would let me play my Wii games, which I cherish greatly