Entry #153

R.I.P. Internet

2017-12-14 21:09:46 by ebflover777

Ok, now that the clickbait title is out of the way, I need to explain some things.

-The internet may not die quite yet, I think Supreme Court has to check the constitution first

-Despite it being super slow, I don't think you have to pay for every search, youtube video, etc but idk much about nn

Ah well, for those of you who are fellow Americans and are trying to leave the internet, farewell.



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2017-12-14 23:59:25

it's all a massive over-reaction. Net-neutrality wasn't a law until 2015; it's a 'problem' the Obama administration created. The internet was fine then, and it's likely to stay fine now, sans a few small ISP companies may be able to thrive and can offer cheaper, specific deals due to NN regulations being lifted.

ebflover777 responds:

That's true.